Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social Media According to B.K.Lewis social media is the label for digital technology that allows people to connect, interact, producing, and share the contents of a message. Meanwhile, in my opinion, social media is a place where one can communicate with others. Social media as well as this are popular among the young and old, because their sophistication such, it was incredible. I choose social media for this social media can be used as a business opportunities for the future of the wider community. One of the positive side of social media among them can have friends from all walks of life and the place. The negative impact of social media among which antisocial, cyber crime and menthal health. On the social can change someone a lot worse than before, because antisocial it could affect his mind to live alone and lack of socializing with others. Examples of antisicial, for example, someone was talking with her friends, but he instead focus on the phone and could also be laughing himself due to the influence social media. The negative impact social media is cyber crime. Cyber crime is a crime that a person does in cyber space. Cyber crime can also harm children who are not sure about social media. Kind of like a child being cheated by a villain through social media, the little boy is offered some money or an item. The last negative impact is menthal helath. Menthal health that can make people become stress due to social
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