Negative Effects Of Social Media On Education

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The negative effect of using social media on education
Everything now is going global because of the globalization.Especially on education sections.Because of that as the teacher and student,student can find helps or tutorials related to their materials online like brainly,quipper,etc.Also teachers can find many additional sources on youtube,forum,etc that helps you to giving the materials to the students.According to an surveys,most 12-17 years old children the 73% of they having good networking skills such as widening your friends coverage,making popularities on social media.But before we look forward,what the first things that you think when heard about education and social media?And does social media gives you negative effects?
In this century,social media cangives you many benefits such are when we want to know your friends daily life,we can just open our social media and it will appears what your friends do.Another example is when you want to know whats is viral or hot now,social media now can give you what news that are trending or hot in just one click.Or the simplest benefits is we can connected again with old friends.But,because of the advanced technology social media also can give you negative effects.So,does using social media gives you negative effects on education?
I’m as the students are also concerned about this.Because if you are using the social media but the social media doesn’t give you positive effects it is better you don’t use it.Why?here I’ll give 3
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