Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Introduction Computers are now being linked to as a factor to anti-social behaviors, primarily because computers are replacing normal social activities. Anti-social personality disorder is characterized as a gross disparity between behavior and the prevailing social norms. Youth generation who constantly use the internet as a form of socializing can develop social anxiety disorder or an internet addiction. You may think that young generation can’t have an internet addiction, but today it is becoming more common. Some youth would rather rush home and get onto the internet rather than go play outside with friends or do a creative activity with their parents. Youth are isolating themselves from the 'real ' world with the excessive use of computers. They only know the web world. Such excessive and unmonitored use of internet can place youth at harmful risk on their social development. Too much time in front of computer can deviate their mind from playing sports and other social activities which are beneficial and essential to child-development. young adults who are using internet without proper parental supervision in their early lives are dooming themselves to developing poor study habits, poor social interaction skills and lack of attention spans in all aspects of their lives, present and future. Argument 01 The excessive use of social media sites in teens can have a negative effect on teenagers ' physical and psychological health. In almost every classroom that you walk in
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