Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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The Bad Effects of Social Media addict for Teenagers It is undeniable that nowadays increasingly sophisticated like the existence of social media that has been widespread in society, especially for teenagers. Although social media allows teenagers to interact socially whenever and wherever, unfortunately, spending too much time in front of the screen can actually reduce their ability to live their daily activities. Teenagers who have a hobby of playing social media continuously such as playing instagram, facebook, snapchat, line, and others will tend to have a lazy taste. And the feeling of laziness will greatly affect the teenagers themselves, such as late coming to school, tired easily in the move, and can not divide the time. Obviously it will be very disturbing teenagers will the world of their education, because by playing social media continuously can result in adolescents lack of sleep so tomorrow when going to school they will be late because of waking kesiangan.Terlebih again with the social media teens will tend to tire easily or drowsy because of playing social media so that teenagers will have trouble sleeping and eventually will stay up late at night even can not sleep at all due to the preoccupation of playing social media. On the other hand adolescents who love to play social media, especially when the teen playing chat with friends or someone else will result in teenagers can not divide the time. Teenagers will continue to play social media and one day they
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