Negative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

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Recently, in our country happened a very terrible thing, a twelve years old child jumped from a building. The funniest thing is that the boy wakes up and does not know how he jumped upstairs. When we know what happened, we just know that this boy playing a computer game for a long time in the morning, causing the recurrence of sleepwalking. In contemporary society, there is a hot debate on the issue that whether or not the social media have a good effects for teenager. Some people prefer that social media have some good effects for children, while others believe that social media only can harm children. In the ultimate analysis. Actually, on balance analysis, I agree that social media causes bad effects for teenager because social media take up a lot of time for children to study, and have a bad influence on the development of their body and mind health. Parents wonder if their children’s constant use of Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is healthy. Teenagers talk about the pressure to post the perfect photo or to compete with the perfect lives their friends present on the Internet. This investigate from Dr. Drew Pate: Negative, positive effects of excessive social media use on teens studied. This survey also triggered my deep consideration, social media take up a lot of time for young children. Like Dr. Drew pate said, teenagers spent a lot of time in order to post a perfect photo on the Internet. At first, I did not believe this survey. But then I made a survey based on the
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