Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay

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The Negative Impacts of Social Media on Teens “In the United States, media coverage frequently portrays American youth in dark bedrooms with only the glow of screen illuminating their faces, implying that there’s a generation of zombified social media addicts who are unable to tear themselves away from the streams of content from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram” (Boyd). This quote states how teens are addicted to social media, and how it is a problem in our country. Social media has put a negative impact on teens lives, with it affecting their public image and taking away from things that are more important. The Impact of Social media is both positive and negative, but the negatives weigh out the positives. The time teens spend on social…show more content…
Another concern for teens is how far they will go to get likes. Teens love when their social media receives praise, so there are risks to the content teens are being exposed to and the levels of cruelty or danger. Along with that point, social media can seriously affect a teen emotionally: “Facebook depression, defined as emotional disturbance that develops when preteens and teens spend a great deal of time on social media sites, is now a very real malady” (Ramasubbu). There are some names for the results of the effects of how teens are being negatively impacted by social media like “Facebook depression”. Facebook is a very well known social media site and the name used to describe when teens are becoming depressed in a way from the time spent on social media. An example would be spending time scrolling through a phone and seeing how others are living their lives thinking less of your own. Not only is social media a problem because of the time teens spend on it but also because of the issues of social media with cyber bullying. Teens are more confident behind a screen rather than face to face and having all these platforms where you can communicate with others makes it easier for them to say things to a person they wouldn’t say to their
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