Social Media Harmful

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How long are you spending time on social media? Does it affect the time that should be spent with family, work, or even friends? Well studies, professors, and even universities share many answers and ways that social media can be very harmful to us. Social media is used by many people of different ages, appearances and actions. Teens are most likely wasting time on social media instead of using that time wisely on school work, or things that need to be done. For example, according to an article titled " Social Media Can Be Both Bummer And Boon For The Brain." The University of California, Berkeley 's Greater Good Science Center published a column but within a sort text it said, "Social media platforms have become a huge part of the lives of young adults and teens: 45 percent of teenagers report they use apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day." Also this article states, "When we accept that it is here to stay, we can also see it as a new opportunity for connection and mindfulness." Social media is harmful to out society.

Internet users from ages 16 to 64 were given a survey and were found that
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For example, according to the "" website it shares, "64% of people who use twitter for news say they have encountered something they later discovered wasn 't true. And that 16% of twitter news users say they had re tweeted or posted a tweet they later discovered to be false." Because of this, if false information is continued to be carried out onto more social media pages, the false information can turn into harmful tweets and then lead to threats and online violence. In December of 2016, a 28-year-old man was arrested after he had fired a shot in a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. and was caused in a lot trouble all because of the false information he had
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