Negative Effects Of Social Networking On Teenagers

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Social networking, who doesn’t do it? There is such a large variety of different platforms of social networks like facebook, twitter or instagram, that it is almost impossible to don’t have at least one social network that you have registered for. However, social networks have a bigger impact on teenagers than adults. Social media has their positive sides but also huge negative sides, also social media expands your social circle and gives you the possibility to stay in touch with ‘friends’ all over the world.

Why do social networks have a big impact on teenagers?
When kids get in to their puberty, they suddenly care more about how they look like and what the other kids think of you. So teenagers are very likely to be easily influenced by those sexy magazine cover models, like the models from Victoria’s secret or the muscular men from Abercrombie & Fitch. So social networking has a big impact on teenagers because they all see unreal standards of how you need to look like and what you can and can’t wear. There are so many twitter accounts that tell you what to eat, what to
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For a lot of people, mostly teenagers, see social networks as an outlet of showing their emotions to the outside world.

With tweeting or posting these emotions they seek for comfort and support from their online friends. But sometimes this kind of tweeting and posting can also be understood as an ‘attention seeker’, they don’t actually always mean what they say or emphasize their story. They don’t do it for support of seek for comfort but they want attention, likes on their post of a favorite on their tweet. This makes them feel fulfilled or make them feel like they are important and popular. Social networking is also good for
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