Negative Effects Of Space Shuttles Into Space Essay

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Ruslan Saipidin Uulu
The Negative Effects of Launching Space Shuttles into Space

In the past century, there were only two countries which launched Space Shuttles into the space. However, in the 21st century, according to National Space Center (NSC) the numbers of countries which launched Space Shuttles into the space are increased to nine such as Iran, Germany, UK, North Korea and Israel. More than fifty countries have approximately 14000 spacecrafts into the space (satellite debris, 2015). We can use space shuttles for discovering and researching. The launching space shuttles have some positive effects. However, I argue that if the countries are increased launching Space Shuttles, there are more negative effects than
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It is absolutely truly fact that launching space shuttles into space is one reason of damaging the ozone layer. According to Independent atmospheric modeling studies find by NASA and private research firms on the stratosphere there have much chlorine. Approximately every year industry produces 300 million kilograms of stratospheric chlorine. It is big problem because the ozone layer damaging is increasing day by day. Damaging ozone layer means global warming. Think if nine Space Shuttle launches and six launches of Titan rockets per year results in a total of 725,000 kilograms of chlorine released into the upper atmosphere (Joe Yoon, (2007)). If the ozone layer will damaged it may increase the rates of skin cancer illnesses and cataract. Additionally, it truly effected to the climate changing. The earth’s some regions are hot and some regions are freezing because of global warming (Bradford 2014).On the other hand, many animals and plants are going extinct. For instance, according to some research’s, in 2014, hundreds of animal type and plant family are extinct. The exhaust from space shuttle engines does add several kilotons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year (Nina Rastogi,

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