Negative Effects Of Standardized Testing

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Many public school students have been there; it was the week before the final exams, and everyone was nervous. The teachers were usually busy demonstrating good test-taking strategies and frequently hinting that standardized tests were of immense importance. Many public school students fret about them, but how many know exactly what they affect? The effects of standardized testing on the participants were simple; none. Standardized tests were a waste of time to not only the student, but also the instructor. They claimed to have measured a student’s success and progress, but the results were quite inaccurate. Unless students had taken the same test at the beginning of the year, then how could a single test result determine whether students improved? Regardless, student success should be measured by the educator and overall improvement and not by a single, inaccurate result. As a solution, standardized testing should be eliminated from US public schools regarding the evidence that they were a major stress creator, the test does not affect the participant or instructor, and the results were an inaccurate measurement of student success. Standardized testing has created an excessive amount of stress for both students and teachers. This stress/anxiety has caused mental manipulation of the participants resulting in the feeling of unnecessary emotions that only deceive their test taking practices. This was especially observable in small children who lacked emotional stability. Yet,
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