Negative Effects Of Stereotyping

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Stereotyping, isn’t something new to our generation but has been around for as long as time can tell. Stereotypes come in many forms such as, races, genders, national groups, or other groups. Stereotypes are judgements based on a few obvious characteristics, which sometimes lead to unfair assumptions. Stereotypes affect many aspects of individuals’ lives, from how people are treated in social or professional situations to the manner in which civilians are dealt with by law enforcement and the judicial system. It can be hard to imagine the negative impact of a stereotype about a group that is falsely categorized. Misconceptions are views or opinions stated with faulty thinking or understanding. Californians have many stereotypes and misconceptions…show more content…
Stereotyping allows people to infer that a person has many characteristics and assume their abilities. It leads to social categorization and places people in a group membership. The use of stereotypes is a way in which we simplify the social world. It reduce the amount of processing a person has to do when meeting a new person. Stereotypes affect inferences the absence of individuating information. Some samples of stereotypes are, “Loners, Jocks, Emos, Nerds and Geeks.” Those all examples of categorization and gives the idea of which of those groups are better than the other. Misconceptions has no basis, it’s an assumption a person or group creates because they are part of a group. Many confuse misconceptions as prejudice and discriminate, but they’re not. Prejudice requires attitude, a misconception is just a hearsay. Discrimination involves behavior and there’s no behavior in thoughts and having an opinion doesn’t make it hate. An example would be, “Freshman are small, Seniors are lazy.” There are times when stereotypes and misconceptions are true. Taking information and images that are exposed to everyday and consciously making split-moment decisions to accept them. Some may not agree with what they say, but when the same message is conveyed in a number of quantities, it becomes part of the environment and people choose to not question these "known"…show more content…
California is known as just a coast for other states but not many outsiders know that California has more to it than just a beach. California does have a coast, but it also has a central valley and produces many crops for most of the country. The Golden State is warm, wet, and wild, and they do speak with the slang of “Hella, Bruh, Gnarly, Hyphy, Slaps, Giggin’, and Yee.” Some may be materialistic, stupid, self-centered, spoiled people, but those kind of people are found anywhere. Californians brag about In n’ Out because almost all states don’t have it, but bragging about it doesn’t necessarily mean obsessed they’re with the fast food place. It’s true not everyone knows hows to dress presentably and maybe wearing flip flops all year round is what the people who live near the beach wear but it’s not for all Californians. The people are not terrified of rain, they actually praise it and beg for more. California is in a serious drought, they do complain about rain, but to get more of it, not less. Same goes for cold weather, they hate being in heat especially, the Central Valley. Californians are not superficial idiots who spend all their money on plastic surgery, pilate classes or shopping in the mall. Mainly the people who spend that kind of money are people who actually have money to spend but most Californians work hard to get what they need. California is a state full of dreamers, they do want to chase their dream of being famous but same thing can be said about New

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