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"I 'm so stressed out"- 49% of American teenagers

What do the demands of school, sports, friends and getting a job have in common? Although underestimated by a majority of adults these all cause stress in our adolescent population. Nearly half of America 's teenagers are under tremendous pressure and it is taking a toll. Poor stress management techniques developed young tend to carry over into adulthood and can result in compound negative effects.

Coping methods

The Center for Disease Control published a study showing that, "In 2015, there were 1,537 suicides among males and 524 among females ages 15 to 19 years." Since 2007 the rate of female suicide has doubled and has increased 30% for males. If this doesn 't open your eyes I 'm not sure
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Speaking of stress,"55% of adolescents are stressed out from school, especially finals week" based on a study from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Expectations are highe

geralt / Pixabay r than ever and the unwanted pressure doesn 't make them easier to achieve. Often times students put themselves under enough pressure, telling them they have bad grades doesn 't help. The biggest problem is that there is no relief. Youth sports were played as a release and your coach told you before every game to go out and have fun. As you got older everything became more competitive. Coaches are more and more intense everyday and athletes can 't handle it. If the pressure continues our students will only suffer.

A Much Needed Motivator?

On the other hand, some stress might be needed. It is commonly perceived that the upcoming generation is just lazy. Adults say they need a little stress to get them motivated. Mary Alvord, a psychologist specialist in Maryland, says "A little stress and in moderation can be helpful to high schoolers in so many ways. It motivates them to study, to do better. It helps push them." To an extent, this may be true. The feeling of being outworked by your future competitors can drive a student to do
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