Negative Effects Of Technology In Education

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Neglecting time limits and an all-around lack of parental supervision with technology can be harmful to the well-being of our youth. Studies from all over the world have shown many angles of how there are many positive and negative results from lack of supervision of the utilization of technology in the home and classroom. By providing the reader with evidence of positive and negative effects of technology stated by scholars around the world I will provide a wide amount of research to back up my claim of the benefits of technology. Social scientists and medical researchers have spent nearly two decades studying the different outcomes of the impact of technology on our youth. Opinions and statistics show that there are physical, emotional and…show more content…
Balancing both time, content supervision, and face to face social and physical activities can greatly offset negative effects of technology in our modern society. Educating the adults of our world to further adapt along with our advancements in technology can greatly benefit the outcome of success and the overall well-being of our youth. Without supervision our children can fall into bad social, physical, and emotional habits that can carry on into adulthood. Without proper intervention, research suggests that these habits are increasingly debilitating developmental issues that can be avoided with proper care. By encouraging adults to constantly stay aware and understand all effects of technology, one can assure the influence of technology is the most positive with little room for any long term social, emotional, or physical…show more content…
A. Przybylski alongside Netta Weinstein focuses less on the harmful effects of technology and portrays stronger opinions towards the ways that electronics are mostly beneficial. Lorelle Lentz and her colleagues state specific ways to use technology as a resourceful tool for children while still pushing the fact of adult supervision being the most important role. Dr. Domingues-Montanari claims that obesity, headaches, backaches, mental illness, academic struggles and sleep issues are all very good reasons as to why technology is harmful for children. Eugenia woo tends to sway back and forth between both strong opinions of whether technology is truly beneficial for children. She has put into perspective a medical outlook that agrees with Dr. Domingues-Montanari, as well as concludes that moderation is very crucial to the process of creating a proper platform for learning and enrichment. Thus, agreeing with the other scholars’ opinions that were mentioned
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