Negative Effects Of Technology On Communication

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Over the past several decades, communication has changed tremendously. According to Aaron Smith from the Pew Research Center, 95% of people own a cell phone, and 97% of those people use text messaging. More shockingly, Smith continues to state that “18­24­year­olds send or receive an average of 109.5 text messages per day, that works out to more than 3,200 messages per month” (Smith). Because people are consistently using their cell phones to communicate, many people cannot have a simple face­to­face conversation with others, especially those they have just met. It is quite startling to realize that some people actually would prefer to text a person that is in the same room than to speak in person. In fact, one could find many of today’s generation casually texting each other while at the same dinner table. Although there are many benefits to using technology and cell phones on a daily basis, it is severely hindering communication skills.…show more content…
It is believed that technology, such as cell phones, enhance communication because it allows people to talk instantly and through long distances. Because of instant communication, people do not feel the need to mail letters. Therefore, there is no need to buy a stamp and take the time to write a letter. Text messaging replaces one’s need to handwrite letters, and it allows people to quickly type and send messages to someone in less than thirty seconds. Furthermore, it will enable people to communicate with distant friends and family members at a much quicker rate than mailing a letter. Efficiency is another benefit of using text messages as a form of communication. Having the luxury of sending a text to anyone no matter where they might be in the world and them receiving it can instantly be seen by some as an
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