Negative Effects Of Technology On Health

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The use of technology also gives a negative implication on the physical and mental health to the society. Most of the time people are spending to do all things like doing work, video games, talking to friends online, and others through technological advances. Many disadvantages from the point of health for those who addicted to the use of technology: the cause of obesity, sleeping disorders, loss of hearing and damage eyesight, and wreck our spine. Obesity is one of the most dangerous impacts of technology on health. When are using technology, peoples hardly do any of the physical exercises. One of the reason why obesity is associated with a technology is it because people especially young people spend most of their time sitting at one place in front of their computer and reduced physical activities is done by their body. They also prefer play online games instead cycles or jogging .This may cause obesity. And to add to this problem, technology is the point. Less perform various physical activity is one of the causes the root of all diseases that can happen to our bodies For instance, the habit of taking food and drink while using gadgets. Due to addiction of gadgets, many people are doing less movement. This is one big reason why obesity is common to find nowadays. The second of negative implication of the use of technology on health is sleeping disorders. Being on the technology such as internet, people are hard to go to bed soon and even unable to sleep. For

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