Negative Effects Of Technology On Society Essay

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"Negative Effects of Technology On Society." Africa News Service 28 Apr. 2015. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 18 Sept. 2016. Africa news service discusses the effects of technology on our daily lives by making a comparison of having technology in the present vs. the past. The writer gives examples of struggles that arise as a direct result of not having technology, but the article doesn’t explain these daily struggles as hardships; instead the article discusses the humanity of these struggles. Having daily task that society use to handle such as writing letters to communicate, or speaking to one another in social sittings without having technology, would benefit society. Technology, as the article states, “led to a decline in "normal" social behaviors.” A decline in normal social behaviors is a direct result of technology because having the opportunity to pick up a phone to see how society is doing can ruin the communication between two individuals The effects of technology as a whole has changed our whole communication dynamic. A simple conversation can be ruined because one individual decides to interrupt it by checking their twitter feed. This can ruin relationships being that one might feel as if their partner’s attention has drifted away from them and has went onto things like social…show more content…
Technology along with lack of consideration are reasons for global warming. With the increase of technology comes pollution from these machines using technology. Old devices are thrown into the water that contain mercury, which can harm wildlife. When cars are driven, they omit a chemical called carbon monoxide, which is deadly to the environment, and humans as well. Over time these objects are leading to global warming. Global warming is slowing changing the natural way of living such as climate change, and other situations. These machines waste are being dumped into water, and disrupting aquatic
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