Technology Brings Convenience

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Technology brings convenience and improves quality of life. It helps people reduce time for doing housework with better quality of outcomes. In recent years, technology has become part of human life, people could not disconnect with the virtual world, especially the young generation. Therefore, it also provides a platform to the adolescents to escape from the reality which will harm the society in various aspects. This essay will discuss the favourable and harmful impacts of technology that affect the way people socialize.

One of the benefits that technology presents is to make communication more effective. According to Drago (2015), 97% of the 100 responses concede that electronic devices are accompanied with them while nearly half of the respondents admit that they use technology to keep connection with friends and family more than face-to-face communication. This shows technology shorten the distance between people and removes border between countries as social networking platforms provide instant services on message, video or voice calls. Moreover, there is no border between countries as people could with the help of social networking applications.

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It also provides a platform to the world for reducing pressure from real life. The unemployed and the bullying victims lose their confidence in the real world and try to withdraw from it. Due to the development of technology, they are given a chance to live another life in the virtual, where no one will know their real identities. However, this discourages them to interact with the outer world as well as being independent. Although technology brings convenience to the world, it has negative impacts on human beings for lowering communication skills. There is still opportunity for further improvement in order to build a healthy and wisely used virtual

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