Teenagers And Technology Essay

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Over the years, technology has evolved from the constant awe over the creation of a simple calculator and clock to an array of technological inventions that we, as teenagers, find as a bare necessity that is impossible to live without. We take technology everywhere and can find it anywhere we go, from the rectangular smartphone that lies in the front pocket of my crumpled, blue athletic shorts to the shiny silver wireless headphones that rest on top of my head with the cushion rubbing softly against my ears and the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of songs blasting a tune that I cannot seem to get out of my head. No matter where you come from or how much money you have, it always seems to find its way to you, sometimes in the form of a worn-out,…show more content…
During my middle school years, you could always see me playing basketball with my classmates out on the blacktop or walking down to the local park in San Bruno to meet up with a couple of my best friends from rival schools. We would laugh and joke, find more friends on the way, laugh and joke some more. But, technology has been in cruise control ever since those cherishable days. It seems as if these days of meeting someone face to face has been almost completely removed from society, aside from school and sports practices where we are forced to actually talk to people, something that seems so unorthodox and different today. Obviously, we can replace this with technological face to face interactions via Skype and Facetime. But, this is artificial and fake, yet it has become the modern way of doing things. Similarly, texting has become the most quick and efficient way of communicating with others, even when we can simply click on the calling app, click on the button that says “Contacts”, and scroll down to the person we’d like to speak to. But, no… We don’t need to hear someone 's actual voice when we can instead read the words sent from another person on a lit up screen for hours on end, responding with a simple “lol” or “haha” and sometimes even a laughing emoji. We have become more robotic than ever; technology has taken the emotion out of
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