Negative Effects Of Technology On Teenagers

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Over the years, technology has evolved from the constant awe over the creation of a simple calculator and clock to an array of technological inventions that we, as teenagers, find as a bare necessity that is impossible to live without. We take technology everywhere and can find it anywhere we go, from the rectangular smartphone that lies in the front pocket of my crumpled, blue athletic shorts to the shiny silver wireless headphones that rest on top of my head with the cushion rubbing softly against my ears and the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of songs blasting a tune that I cannot seem to get out of my head. No matter where you come from or how much money you have, it always seems to find its way to you, sometimes in the form of a worn-out, half-broken pair of headphones that “magically” appear below your feet on a basketball court or other times in the form of a flashing red clock on the Walgreens sign at the corner of the street . It almost becomes inevitable. Some may see it as beneficial to society, but it seems to me that technology is more so negatively affecting the way we go about our lives, myself included.

One of the most noticeable effects technology has had on teenage lives thus far is the way in which it changed how we communicate with others. During my middle school years, you could always see me playing basketball with my classmates out on the blacktop or walking down to the local park in San Bruno to meet up with a couple of my best friends from rival
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