Negative Effects Of Technology On The Family

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The development of technology has dramatically reshaped the society we live in. An enormous multitude of people worldwide employ and benefit from the modern-day technology, and of course, the unlimited opportunities it presents play a considerable role in virtually all spheres of human life. Technological innovations has really simplified the access to a good number of vital utilities people need in schooling, industry, health sector, communication, transportation, and many more. However, immoderate usage of technology has its downsides, too. Despite the fact that in many instances, the speed of completing tasks increases with the help of technology, most people never notice that technology has changed (and is still changing) our society for the worse, and its considerable development has complicated human life in a variety of ways.

Technology has weakened relationships among family members. Occupied with the use of numerous gadgets, family members are unable to have the types of cordial atmosphere as they used to have in past times. Prior to the invention of these contraptions, family members would sit together around the table and play games together. However, ever since the inception of video gaming, all those sorts of entertainment, leisure and fun have changed to video games played individually, and the impact of such games on family communications is apparent. As we see it in today 's scenario, instead of watching TV or dining collectively as a family, everyone is
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