Negative Effects Of Television On Daily Life

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In daily life, we humans are constantly facing with challenges of all kinds, ranging from workplace, health, to especially social circle. Undoubtedly, together with the advancement of new technologies and human demand for better quality of life, sometimes we wonder that whether these inventions, specifically television, have interrupted our own relationships. From my personal standpoint, I would rather say that television has put harmful influence on communication among people for some may spend too much time on it, TV can impact our attitudes, and dispute could happen. Firstly, it’s a matter of fact that isolation and loneliness have been among serious problems these days, which can be attributed to television. Obviously, in this constantly changing by-second world, people tend to watch films or TV shows in order to relax and unwind after working as well as studying, especially to avoid stress. However, the matter is, spending too much time on watching media on TV can also cause negative effect on daily life, including TV addiction. It’s cannot be denied that although TV should be a household appliance to help everyone entertain, watching it for a long time sooner or later makes the audience isolated and only feel comfortable whenever he or she turns on the TV. For instance, in a study conducted in the US, children who are allowed to watch TV shows for more than 5 hours a week will later encounter difficulties to establish and build relationships with new friends in their
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