Negative Effects Of Terrorism And Terrorism

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Technology associated with globalization has enabled terrorist groups to conduct operations that are more lethal, dispersed, and challenging to combat than previously discovered. Terrorism leads to instability in an international system and causes fear to spread throughout these areas. Terrorist attacks are intended to apply sufficient pressures to a government so that it grants political concessions, but it results in economic losses and destroys relationships among nations in the international structure. Although the motives of terrorists may differ, their actions follow a standard pattern with terrorist incidents assuming a variety of forms: airplane hijackings, kidnappings, assassinations, threats, bombings, and suicide attacks. Terrorism severely damages state substructure like transportation networks or financial institutions, and weakens assurance in the state 's ability to defend its citizens. This increase in security is predominantly found in airport security after different hijacking events like 9/11. The war on terror is currently destroying the world from the Middle East outwards. There are many disturbing images and video-clips from religious based groups like ISIS that are surfacing and they are using for them to obtain resources. Terrorism poses a major threat to peace and security in an international system because it creates distress, damages the security on international travel, and the relationships between other countries. The dangerous theme of
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