Negative Effects Of The 18th Amendment

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Arianna Perri Mr. Gennario U.S. History Writing Lab 22 February 2017 The 18th Amendment The 18th Amendment, also known as the prohibition, banned the sale, manufacturing, and transportation of alcohol in the United States. The meaning of this is that it was illegal to sell, make, or transport alcohol. The Prohibition came to an end with the passing of the 21st Amendment (Annenberg Classroom). Over many years in the United States many amendments were passed. Each amendment had a different impact on the people throughout the United States. The amendments contribute to the history of the United States and what it is today. The 18th amendment in particular had many positive effects as well as many negative effects. The positive effects included…show more content…
A lot of people disobeyed this law, which made them criminals. During the Prohibition there was a huge problem with bootlegging. Bootlegging is the illegal selling, distributing, and manufacturing of banned goods. A majority of the population in Urban areas were against the prohibition. In smaller towns and rural areas there was weak enforcement of the Prohibition Laws. However, biggest problem there was during the prohibition was the amount of organized crime throughout the United States. As the production and selling of alcohol went further it became controlled by the Mafia as well as many gangs. The mafia as well as the gangs would make a gigantic profit through their illegal production and manufacturing. Many Americans began to blame the 18th Amendment for all of the moral disarray, there was throughout the United States. When this amendment was passed the legislation wanted the complete opposite to happen. The legislation thought that the crime rate would go down. (History…show more content…
There were many things that caused the 18th Amendment to be passed. The passing of this amendment had many positive as well as many negative effects. Many people did not abide by the amendment and the results of the passed amendment is not what the government intended for. Even though the amendment was eventually appealed. Throughout the United States many people were affected by this amendment, whether it was in a positive way or a negative way. The history of the United States would not be the same as it is today if the amendments were not passed, specifically the 18th
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