Negative Effects Of The Black Ghetto

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A black doctor is forced out of his new home when the majority-white neighborhood sets his garage on fire. Soon after, a line of explosives are planted to drive out black families nearby. “98 percent of the public-housing units in Chicago” are built in majority-black neighborhoods. Time after time after time, black people are denied loans and mortgages, while their white counterparts are granted them happily by the lenders. And yet, one often encounters crude statements about the “ghetto”, the alleged home of all black families. When thinking of the ghetto, people generally conjure an image of a gritty, crime-infested, and hopeless place. Who decided this? Certainly not black people. Interestingly enough, just the presence of black families within a majority-white neighborhood in the 1900s caused those homes to drop in value, by thousands. If you were a white home owner who had spent five years’ wages on your first home, wouldn’t you want to protect your investment by all costs?…show more content…
The stereotype of the “black ghetto” was created and perpetuated directly by white home-owners in the late 1900s, to aid in the mission of keeping their neighborhoods’ value high, by forcing black families into disparate
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