Negative Effects Of The Cookie-Cutter System

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The Negative Effects of the Cookie-Cutter System on Our Children
In a time of such advancement where education and free will should coexist, creating an age of enlightenment. We are instead in an age where education has become a forced standard, limiting and constraining the very qualities that are possessed by the many entrepreneurs and leaders that are behind this revolution. Liberty and free flow are arguably what created the backbone for America’s Rags-to-Riches environment, where anyone could make a dream happen with hard work and good planning. The fact that this is being taken away from our children is not only harmful, but it is also disturbing and a detriment to America as a whole. Firstly, the current system is restrictive and damaging. Secondly, it is psychologically unhealthy, especially for individuality and creativity. Thirdly, it will produce issues in the long term for society and government. The current educational system in the U.S. has become a detriment to our children.
The educational system has created a massive issue for our children in its every mechanism. The starting point for an accurate description of the issue can be shown by the fact that school now is more restrictive than most adults’ workplaces, which will not help foster the behaviors and personalities necessary to sustain any sort of flow in their future environments (Peter Gray, School is a Prison and Damaging Our Kids). The fact that children are being hindered rather than prepared for

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