Negative Effects Of The Death Penalty

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“There is no doubt that the supporters of the death penalty have more in common with murders then its opponents” (Gourmot). The death penalty is an extremely controversial subject in today 's society. The idea of taking another person 's life is completely inhuman, even if it is a life of a soulless murderer or criminal in general. The overall concept of the death penalty is easy to understand, but all the emotional aspects are extremely complex. I have a difficult time understanding the hypocritical mindset of the death penalty, the idea of taking a criminal 's life because they may have taken someone else 's. Why kill people that killed people to display that killing is wrong. I believe giving the death penalty to the criminal is giving them the easy way out of their actions. Having the criminal spend life in jail…show more content…
There are possible errors that can be made during the death penalty. The death penalty is also a much more expensive alternative to a sentence to life in prison. The death penalty also has an extremely negative effect on the poorer side of society and the racial minorities. Overall the death penalty has many more negative effects than positive. The death penalty has many different alternatives, but the one that makes the most sense is life in prison with no chance at parole. Most people have the misconception that if the criminal is not sentenced if the death penalty, then they will be releases when years. I think everyone can age that they don 't want a vengeful serial killer roaming the streets. That is why a life sentence without parole is the best option a more criminal instead of the death penalty. With no parole, as an option will cost a lot less than
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