Summary: Negative Effects Of The Fat Acceptance Movement

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The Negative Effects of the Fat Acceptance Movement Nour Bazzi Lebanese American University Abstract The fat acceptance movement is a social organization, which main goals are to challenge fat stereotypes, encourage acceptance at any size and alter the cultural biases of overweight people, but this movement has been demonstrating slight prosperity in its results and instead it is causing negative side effects in society. The fat acceptance movement is encouraging unhealthy lifestyle in individuals, placing body image ahead of health, which could lead to life threatening diseases and even psychological problems. Another negative effect the Fat Acceptance Movement causes is that it offends low weight beings by even encouraging …show more content…

In the new era we live in, the levels of obese and overweight individuals are highly growing across the globe. Overweight is defined as the identification of individuals and groups at increased risk of morbidity and mortality. Obesity is considered to be a disease of fat accumulating irregularly to an extent that it can harmfully disrupt an individual's health, it is also related to psychological problems and negative consequences. The situation of cumulative incidents of excess body fat is mostly due to industrialization, a mixture of little exercise, more abundance and availability of food, commonly in the industrialized nations of the Western Hemisphere. This situation comes along with a lot of controversy on the topic; overweight and obese individuals began to feel offended and discriminated by society, thus in reaction to this they created the Fat Acceptance Movement. The Fat Acceptance movement is a social act seeking to change the way society views overweight individuals in a negative way. This movement emerged from the fat acceptance ideology that health can exist at any size, that overweight and obese people should accept their body figures and challenge stereotypes. It direct the message that it is normal to be overweight. Although the Fat Acceptance Movement might have initiated for a good purpose, it has taken it to a negative extreme level. Being Overweight became the new normal through the acceptance of it. The fat Acceptance Movement leads to negative outcomes, encourages an unhealthy lifestyle, offends low weight individuals and affects the views of health in young

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