The Negative Impact Of Vietnam War On American People

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The Vietnam War was a war the United States should have never been involved in. The “Domino Theory” was a direct cause of the war. The war resulted in much death; innocent civilians and young Americans were killed. The Vietnam war also resulted in rioting, distrust for the United States government, and the loss of many lives. 58,000 Americans were killed and 300,000 were wounded. In the end, South Vietnam fell to communism. There were many things that contributed to the negative effect of the war; such as, money, politics, and the media. These all played a major part in the results of the war. Money, politics, and the media had negative impacts on society. Money was used for economic support in Vietnam. Also, the money that was supposed to be put into American programs,…show more content…
Secondly, politics rendered society to lose faith in the government. The war was televised; however, the government failed to inform the American people about multiple things such as the My Lai massacre and the Pentagon Papers. These papers were kept secret by the government and caused trust to be lost by the American people. Last but not least, the media had one of the biggest negative impacts on the American people during the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the first war to be televised and revealed what was truly happening in Vietnam. Also, newspapers revealed stories and government secrets that proved that the American people were being lied to ( New York Times vs. the United States). The Vietnam war is believed by some to be a war deeply rooted in economics. Many aspects of the United States were affected directly. The Great Society programs were suffering because the money that was put towards the war, could have been used to help poverty programs. The
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