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Introduction Unemployment is knows to bring many negative impact on subjective well-beings. High rates of unemployment not only caused negative effect on national economy but also greatly affect living standard of people, especially youths. Due to youth 's inexperience and lack of knowledge, many employers refuse to hire them as hiring youths only brings no benefits to employers. This is so as employers have to spend time, energy or even money to train youths before they can cope with their own job. Research shows that unemployment not only affects youths physically, but also affects them psychologically. Unemployment leads youths into various psychological symptoms, such as worry, boredom, despair and so on. This issue is important to study as the unemployment rates among youths are getting higher and higher. Youths are important as they are pillars of the state. If they can 't cope with their feeling themselves, it will affect the workforce of the national. According to (Clark & Oswald 1994), the negative psychological impact of youth unemployment is found to be greater than some…show more content…
Moreover, it is also found that employment also act as one of the most important significant determinant for happiness for youths. Using cross-section data from Morshidi et al. (2004), it shows that unemployed youths have higher mean scores of negative psychological attributes than employed youths. This support the statement that employed status is one of the main determinants of happiness. Unemployment is suggested to have a negative impact on one 's happiness (Frey & Stutzer 2002). The data that was collected from 240 respondents from survey shows that unemployed youth score the lowest value of happiness among others such as employed youths with qualification, employed youths without qualifications and part-time employed

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