Negative Effects Of Unite Edward Snowden

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Throughout the twenty first century technology has had substantial advancements, resulting in improvements and enhancements of one 's everyday life. With these advancements, come positive and negative effects. Paying bills, shopping online, and doing taxes are all painless tasks anyone can perform thanks to the power of top of the line computers and internet services. In contrast to the beneficial uses of advanced technology, there are also cynical uses one with a destructive intention could carry out. Hacking personal information, cyber bullying, and plagiarism have all resulted in the upgrading of technology that was not originally intended. Unfortunately Edward J. Snowden chose to use his unspeakable knowledge of computers and access to advanced technology to negatively impact the…show more content…
Edward Snowden got away with leaking top secret documents without any severe repercussions, which is unfair to the public of the states. According to Historic U.S. events, Donald Trump will pardon Edward for his immoral deed (2015). Following this statement made by Donald Trump, Snowden will continue to defy laws and leak secret government files because he can work his way out of any penalties that come his way. Now every time Snowden makes a fault in government, he will be able to not worry about receiving any charges or punishments, which could possibly be dangerous for everyone living in the United State’s future. This could lead to danger because he could leak more top secret files from the U.S. government that could eventually cause fright to the public, putting society on edge. The whole point of having a government is to lead and guide the public of the United States away from any danger or commotion that could be currently happening over the nation. Snowden should not be trusted and if anything, he should be feared for his defiance of the laws of the United States. Edward is not above the law and it is unjust that he has not gone to jail for an illegal task he had

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