Negative Effects Of Using Smartphones

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Imagine the situation that people around you are all facing down and looking at their smartphones. It is disappointing that people are using smartphones too much instead of having face-to-face communication with others or in public spaces. People have less communication and awareness to others by using smartphones frequently. Furthermore, smartphones are affecting our health in a bad way. Smartphones seem essential now but in fact, they changed our lives negatively. People are losing their opportunities to have face-to-face communication by using smartphones. Rosen says in The Wall Street Journal that smartphones “keep us from experiencing these face-to-face situations and the unspoken obligations that go with them” (Rosen 3). Rosen insists…show more content…
Grabar says in that smartphones “impedes our movement on busy sidewalks, breaks our concentration in movie theaters and libraries, and makes our public places as dull and private as phone booth” (Grabar 5). Using smartphones make people’s consciousness narrow because people’s eyes are too concentrated on their screens. They cannot notice other people beyond their screens even in public spaces such as sidewalks, and movie theaters. Consequently, people lose their civility although people are required to act properly in public spaces. In addition, Rosen said that our “use of technology has fundamentally changed not just our awareness in public spaces but our sense of duty to others” (Rosen 1). Since people concentrate on devices, they fail to notice what is happening around them. These lack of awareness sometimes cause devastating incidents such as the crime in San Francisco. In a crowded train, a man shot and killed a student. The man was standing in the train holding a gun, but passengers did not realize him. In the end, he killed a student. (Rosen 1). If passengers have realized the man, the student could have been saved. While people are using smartphones, their awareness is secondhand so in this case, passengers did not realize what was happening around them. As a part of the society, each person has duty to pay attention to surroundings and act appropriately. Paying…show more content…
Titcomb says in The Telegraph that smartphones “are giving millions of people access to resources they would never have had” (Titcomb 2). Thanks to smartphones, a lot of people can have access to the Internet. Furthermore, smartphones enabled people to connect with others such as family and friends without spending a long time to go to see them. Smartphones also contribute toward developing countries by providing education and spreading health information. Due to the improvement of smartphones, more and more people can have smartphones and access to the huge Internet. Without smartphones, the society might not have been developed as much as today. People’s lives became much better thanks to the development of smartphones. However, smartphones changed our lives negatively. Smartphones harm people 's health, and also people lose face-to-face communication and common sense. Living as a part of the society and have real communication with people is crucial for people. If the technology continued to be developed, and people did not notice negative effects, people would lose the ability of human in the future. It is necessary to notice the negative effects of smartphones, otherwise, people will lose their human

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