Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

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The Effects of Video Games on the Brain -- Video games have gotten a bad rap in the media, but according to you will find statistics that show that 68% of those who play games increase their response time and the way that they accomplished tasks. Video games are used to interact with other teens and gamers to gain social status and some say to escape from reality. Even though video games may be violent and spending too much time on them may cause weight gain, Video games have more positive than negative because they relieve stress, they improve hand-eye coordination, and they improve critical thinking skills and social interaction. First, Video games have more positive effects than negative because they relieve stress. Gaming is also a well known way for anyone any age to relieve stress physical and or emotional which is also a more productive way of doing things than rather the child doing something else that could end up with them being harmed or worse. According to psychcentral while gaming the brain releases this thing inside the brain called Dopamine it 's like the relief of stress when you complete a task in the games so it 's like a virtual incentive. Video games are important in a child 's life all kids need to have some enjoyment in their lives, especially when they don 't grow up with their fathers in their lives some kids just need
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