Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Introduction Technology has developed to a point where it has a negative effect. I will be talking about to what extent does video game addiction negatively affect high school students. Although, school performance in the past generations are affected by things like laziness or foolishness, since technology has developed we now face a problem for school performance, which involves video games. Even though video game were made to entertain people, it led to addiction where a person 's lifestyle can’t be carried out without video games. Long hours of playing video games may make the individual too tired to function to their optimum performance in their daily activities (Christopher NP). Although video games are an important part of a child 's life now, we have to be aware of how negatively it is affecting the students of this high school generation. The causes of video game addiction may be due to excessive playing, or to just escape reality (Andrew NP). When students start to play video games as an activity to relieve stress it soon becomes a problem, because they start to become overly reliant. Since, the market of the video games is expanding rapidly; with the USA and Japan at the top of the market the chances of getting addicted to video games will increase. In this paper I will talk about the negative effects of video games through a variety of perspectives, which are global, national, and personal perspectives, explore the possible future scenarios and future possible

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