Negative Effects Of Video Games

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You are having a long holiday without taking any classes and cannot go anywhere besides staying at home. The outside weather is too hot, movie tickets are too expensive, the traffic is so complicated, and the supermarkets are full with crowds of people. Children and teenagers these days are mostly facing the problem of staying at home and have nothing to do. They have found that playing video games have caused to be addicted for both stages of age. Video games are not played just for fun but it can also help children and teenagers on improving their intelligent and creating health benefits. First of all, video games addictive behavior can have severe negative consequences. There are ninety-one percent of kids who are gamers are addicted on video games and spent more than ten hours a day on playing it Though most of the issues have short-term effects on children and teenagers (Morgan Adams, N.D.). For example, someone addicted to video games will often sidestep from sleeping and eating proper meals in order to resume their games (Morgan Adams, N.D.). In more serious cases, they do not use their time wisely by make sure to divide timetable for their educations either carriers and playing. Most of the gamers especially children and teenagers are students spend their time beyond ten hours a day on playing video games. It forced players to ignored their obligations for tomorrow, they forgot about their schoolwork, projects, and lessons preparation for the next day, which will
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