Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Video games, despise being prejudiced for having a negative impact upon the youth, enhance particular skills of the player which can prove useful. Since their vast expansion around the globe, a lot of people have criticised video games, trying to "put them down" by only underlinging and strongly repeating the negative effects of these, but I must argue about that. Do they actually have only negative effects? Are they actually that nocive and bad for us? No. Gwen Dewar says in "The beneficial effects of video games on the visual mind", "experimental studies suggest that playing action video games might help people become more skillful in at least one visual-spatial task. Inexperienced people trained with video games have improved their mental rotation abilities". "Mental rotation is the ability to rotate mental representations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects as it is related to the visual representation of such rotation within the human mind". (Wikipedia on "Mental rotation"). Basically, it is brain 's process of rapidly creating a three-dimensional projection of the specific object observed, after which the projection is thoroughly analysed at an even further speed. According to Stefanie Pietsch and Petra Jansen of the University of Regensburg Institute of Sport Science in the journal "Learning and Individual Differences", this skill was already advanced among athletes and musicians. The researchers speculate that musicians learn to think in terms of
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