Negative Effects Of Violence On Television Essay

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The violence shown on television has a amazingly harmful effect. Television violence causes children to become less thoughtful, to become less sensitive, and also may cause violent and aggressive behavior. In a study on the connection between violence and television done with 1,565 teenage boys over a six-year period in London, William Belson, a British psychologist, found that every time a child saw someone being shot or killed on television they became less caring towards other people and they lost a fragment of their inhibitions towards others (Kinnear 26). In addition many studies support that seeing violence on television causes audiences to become less sensitive. According to the results of many studies, violence on television can lead…show more content…
Television can be an influential tool for educating young people about the duties and hazards of sexual behavior. Sexuality is frequent major plot features of many TV shows aimed at youth. As broadcast networks have been associated with cable channels, doubtful language and sexual references have become more and more common. Most parents do not usually talk to their kids about sex and relationships, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and most schools do not give education about sex, so kids get much of their information about sex from television. The problem is that kids are probably not learning what their parents expect them to learn about sex from television. Dramas, music videos, prime time shows and advertisements all contain loads of sexual content, but usually nothing about contraception or safer sex. The number of sex scenes on television has doubled every year since 1998. Watching sex on TV raises the chances children will have sex, and may cause children to start having sex at younger ages. Even viewing shows with characters talking about sex increases the likelihood of sexual initiation. Scholars found that even after governing for other risk influences, the chance of teen pregnancy went up a lot more with sex on
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