Negative Effects Of Violent Games

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For many centuries we have seen the influence of violent entertainment in our lives. It has been enjoyed and cherished since the beginning of time from live fighting pits and gladiators games in the medieval period to the blood and gore of shooting games today. Violence has been glorified throughout history by the ‘Great’ wars and battles fought in yester years. Although the implications of the violence may not seem direct but it’s deeply embedded in the minds, especially that of early adolescent children and teens. Nowadays children are being exposed to an array of violent happenings through television broadcasts, news and especially gaming. Children are playing games which contain a high content of violence and even sexually explicit scenes, which are not advisable at such a young and tender age. This has been an ongoing debate for quite some time with various scientists and researchers undertaking in depth research and sample surveys. While some people believe that no direct link has been established how violence in games cause behavioral changes in children others disagree. I firmly believe it casts a deep impression in the minds of these younglings who are developing mentally and emotionally at that very stage. Therefore violent games could cause a negative and harmful effect on such young minds. Contrary to the popular belief of how violent games affect the mental health of a child, a large number of people believe it serves no direct link to the cause. Violent games
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