Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games On Teens

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Saad 1
Roupen Saad
Dr. Rana Ebeid
Eng 102
November 19, 2014
The Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games On Teenagers
Research Outline
I. Abstract
II. Introduction:
A. Topic: Violent video games and their effects on teenagers
B. Historical Backgound:
a. The design of a computer that plays the game Nim in the year 1940.
b. The creation of tic-tac-toe, the first graphical computer game in 1952.
c. The creation of the game spacewar on MIT computers in 1962.
d. The start of the Atari company in 1972.
e. The invention of gaming consoles on TV’s and how they became popular.
f. The beginning of violent video games in 1980.
D. Research Question:
a. How do violent video games affect adolescents?
b.what are the negative effects of violent video games on youth?
c. How can the negative effects be prevented?
E. Thesis Statement:
Some video games may be educationally useful, none the less; the negative effects are more than the positive effects. Some of the negative effects may target a teenager’s psychological and social behavior and some factors help in fulfilling those effects.

III. Literature Review:
A. “I Wish I Were a Warrior: The Role of Wishful Identification in Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggression in Adolescent boys” by E.A. Konjin et al.
B. “Short Term Violent Video Gameplay by Adolescents Alters Prefrontal Activity During Cognitive Inhibition” by Tom A. Hummer et al.
C. “Violent Video Games Induce an Affect Processing Bias” by Steven J. Kirsh, Paul V.
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