Violent Video Games Promote Violence Essay

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There are a lot a video games out in the world today and about half of these games include some type of violence. Many are to blame violent video games for aggressive behavior with much evidence which are given in “Violent Video Games Promote Violence”, “Violent video games and desensitization”, “Tying Columbine to Video Games”, “Grand Theft Childhood” and “Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association”. Video games were created to create fun in the lives of kids and people of all ages who want to have fun. Though violent video games have evolved to be a big part of what video games are. As some people believe and have studied such as Bill Korach who wrote “Violent Video Games Promote Violence”, violence is what creates real world problems. In a study to find out what the effects of violent video games have a people they found that…show more content…
While both male and female participants had similar results, men appeared to be more aggressive than women after playing such a game. Being more aggressive due to a violent video game is not the only result of playing violent games. Playing a game like “GTA5” shows the player and give the player the ability to kill and beat people up that are civilians. Afterward being put into the real world, the real world could possibly become the game and then violence occurs. Like many
Miller 2 activities, desensitization can occur from repeated exposure. With the knowledge that playing violent games increases aggressive behavior, it can be imagined that “Desensitization to violence might mean that individuals violence might mean that individuals are” (Munger). In the article “Violent video games and desensitization” Munger gives the data of a study that was done showing that playing a violent video game before watching something violent opposed to playing a non violent game and watching something violent, those who
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