Negative Effects Of War Essay

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Its been known that wars throughout history were and still associated with losses, whether economically or environmentally, but the most important of these losses are casualties that remain consistent. Despite all this, there is a negative effect of war that is more destructive, which are psychological and social balance for all people, especially children. Time can repair the destruction of infrastructure, brought by these wars, however time cannot erase the psychological and social effect of wars on children that easily. There are several studies, journals, newspaper articles and statistics that show the impact of wars on the new generation, from newborn, children to teenagers, who experienced the violence of war and lived in war territories, and they get affected more than adults. It was hard and impossible to…show more content…
For example, the UN youth have acknowledge this issue and made it at the center of the UN Security Council’s peace and security agenda. Hence they published an article titled “Youth and Armed conflict”, recognizing that majority of countries affected by war, are mostly populated by children and youth. Thus, they are maimed or killed, deprived from their basic rights like education and health care, and some are separated from their families. This article also included how the united nation since the 1990, has been drawing international attention to this subject, also they included how they progressed in increasing global awareness, by collaborating with international communities. Another broad research about the issue was by the Croatian Medical Journal, where this article was straightforward, and listed and explained the impacts of war on children, like disability, illness, rape and prostitution for subsistence, and benign a child soldier. In addition, it offered helpful strategies, in how to lessen children pain, and how to mend children after they are
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