Negative Effects Of Water Logging

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This report provides information about water logging and its adverse effects. The report finds that water logging has worst effects on productivity. It is agreed that one of the greatest problem in our agriculture land is “water logging”. This paper highlights the production loss or many different negative effects of water logging and highlights the economic loss due to the problem of water logging which threaten the sustainability of agriculture production. Water logging refers to the saturation of soil with water, usually through irrigation, resulting in a condition under which most crop plants cannot grow. The productivity of agriculture land is also reduces by waterlogging. The drainage system is the main cause of waterlogging. When root is not able to respire due to the excess of water, the waterlogging takes place. The adverse effects of waterlogging are creation of anaerobic condition in the crop root-zone, growth of water loving wild plants, impossibility of tillage operations, accumulation of harmful salts, lowering of soil temperature, reduction in time of maturity. We can say that the waterlogging effects in such a way when there is a satisfactory of the aeration of the soil produce the required nitrates from the nitrogenous compounds present in the soil produce by the bacteriological activities that helps the crop growth. Anaerobic condition in the soil creates by extreme moisture content. The plant roots do not get the required nourishing food or nutrients due

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