Negative Effects Of Welding

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Welding can cause long lasting damaging affects to your eye vision, respiratory system, ears, and skin. Although people don’t pay attention to the risks of being a welder are until it’s too late or already been threw some of this permanent damaging that can change your life with negative effects. Most people think being a welder does not include negative affects but the most important thing of being a welder is to follow every safety procedure and take good care of your personal health. If not with a long time of period you can end up with serious permanent damage for the rest of your life.
When a welder is not taking care of their eye vision. Flash burns are like sunburn in the eye and can affect both your eyes. Your cornea can repair itself
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For example, I got a slag stocked into my ear I always wear ear plugs when welding or using any power tool cause from their I always knew I could’ve lose my hearing just for not putting attention to what I was doing and not following the safety rules or instructor gave us. Welding believe it or not has a lot of health disadvantages with a long period of time you can get infections or very dangerous health problems if not taking care of them. Welding believe it or not it’s one of the most deadly vocational carriers, when welding in the field you have to weld many types of pipes that may have petroleum inside or had which can cause a very big and dangerous explosive. If particles of hot slag enter their ear canals you really at risk of getting a permanent ear damage or infection or even lose you’re listening with time or might be in so much pain you should get a surgery. These painful burns can take a very long time to heal properly. Keep loud noises at a safe level by using proper hearing protection such as ear plugs or ear muffs to prevent from getting any type of

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