Negative Effects Of Western Media On Muslims

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The news and social media has and forever will impact our daily lives. Looking at the positives, one is now able to chat with someone from across the world or even learn more about the world around them. On the contrary, this new innovation comes with many dangers and miscommunication. Manipulating people into becoming naive to a point where they believe everything they hear on the internet, which eventually leads to prejudices against people, ideas, places, etc… One major example of this is the U.S and Islam. Western media have negatively impacted the lives of Muslims living not only in the Middle East but also the U.S. Due to this, the Muslim community has grown increasingly afraid of the western population and has further divided among each other. September 11, 2001, a day of disaster struck. Many might even insist the worst day to ever happen on American soil. A group of Muslims representing “ Al Qaeda”, crashed 2 planes into the World Trade Center. Maybe that wasn’t clear.? A group representing “Al Qaeda”. Not the whole Muslim community, but rather an extreme subset in the religion., Muslims have become greatly stereotyped throughout the 21st century. Along with many other groups, many Americans generalize these specific group of people because of this western phenomenon, in the case that all Muslims are terrorist. According to Ms. Espiritu, an intercultural researcher, “Islamophobia has become the mainstream media discourse where images of Muslims as murderous
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