Armistice Day Essay

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The events of WW1 and the Armistice Day negatively affected the economy of the United States in several ways, including: the total cost of the war affected the U.S. and they needed to find ways to get the money back, the loss of jobs after the war ended, and the period of transition that happened after the war. The U.S. government increased their spending during the war so that they could have a good enough army to fight against the Central Powers. The amount the U.S. army spent during WW1 is described in this article by Carlos Lozada for the National Bureau of Economic Research, it says, “Once the size of the Army had been determined the demands on the economy became obvious, although the means to satisfy did not: food and clothing, guns and…show more content…
because it was a drastic increase in spending, one that the Americans could not reciprocate with the selling of products so that they would not be in debt afterwards. So this is a negative affect because the war put the U.S. into debt which would affect everyone in the country in a negative way. The number of jobs for Americans increased during WW1 but once it all ended, and all the soldiers came back from the war, the number of jobs decreased and many people lost jobs because soldiers who had jobs before the war wanted them back. At the same time, people that filled the need for factories while the soldiers were gone still needed jobs, but there were no jobs for anyone. This phenomenon can be explained in Caitlin Sandman’s article on the effects of WW1 on America; it says, “As the war ended, and the soldiers started to return home, the industry production began to slow, and there was less need for workers in factories. Many women stopped working, but even so there were not enough jobs for men returning home from Europe. This rising unemployment after a time of industry and economic prosperity, planted the seeds of the upcoming Great Depression.” (Sandman, Caitilin. "What Were the Effects of WWI in
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