Negative Effects Of Ww2

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World war II provided many good and bad opportunities for Americans. For instance a good outcome was that it gave women jobs that men worked in, a terrible outcome would be Executive Order 9066, and finally another good outcome would be the Women 's Army Corps.

The women during WWII got jobs that men were usually given. “The demand for workers skyrocketed during the war, as men left their jobs to serve in the armed forces.” (History Alive 456) The men needed fighter jets, ships, tanks, and other things so the women being the only ones able to were put to work in factories for the war. They turned makeup companies like Revlon into a bullet making company for the war. The war ultimately brought America out of the great depression. This was a great thing for America however it never would have happened without the attack on pearl harbor.

The attack on pearl harbor on December 7th 1941 put America fully into the war instead of just supplying for allies. “Japanese Americans faced more racial discrimination than the people of German or Italian ancestry because they were of nonwhite, non-European ancestry.” ( History Alive 454) Since the Japanese bombed pearl harbor everyone thought that Japanese Americans could have been Japanese spies. This theory led to Executive Order 9066 which put all Japanese Americans into camps far away from
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In 1941 the WAC became the first women’s army unit ever. The women in the WAC were the first women ever other than nurses to serve in the military ranks.According to the history book “Women in the WAC became members of the military and underwent army training. ‘If the men can take it’ one volunteer said, ‘so can I.” (history Alive 457) It was obviously a lot for the public and the men in the army to cope with a girl in uniform but eventually did. The women could give the army the additional resources needed and were eventually appreciated for the contributions

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