Negative Effects Of Youtube On Teenagers

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Jamie Jackson Ms Calimlim English 9B September 9, 2015 Negative Effects of Youtube On Teenagers Youtube is full of potentials, especially giving opportunities for young upper comers. With youtube being available on such a big variety of devices, Big trending You tuber’s videos spread around the cities, countries and continents in a matter of minutes from uploading their video. With these big trending videos it creates jealousy and becomes an influences for teens to attempt these daring acts for fame. As Youtube’s popularity is get getting more and more popular the standards of a video to go viral keep getting higher and higher, thus people nowadays attempt to do bigger more dangerous things just for attention. Usage of Youtube negatively affects teenagers causing them struggles in life. Youtube has been affecting teenagers safety, school work, and life style. Youtube is great yet it creates a giant distraction for teens. Youtube may be one the greatest teaching tools there could be available out there right now. You go onto to it, search up what you’re researching about and if there 's a video available about your topic, you watch the video and someone literally tells you all the information you need, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for you look to the side for other video clips. This will lead to you clicking on to an irrelevant topic and you may seem it 's funny and it make you laugh so you it leads you to clicking onto another video like it. That their has
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