Negative Effects Of Zoos

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A zoo is an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals for study, conservation, or display to the public. “Within the prison walls of every zoo, sit tortured souls with empty eyes. And broken spirits” (Within the prison walls of every zoo and circus). Zoos are where endangered species or different species around the world are sent for conservation and may be “protected” by zookeepers or studied by scientists. Wildlife creatures that are currently in wildlife parks are living in monstrous hell compared to what their natural habitats are. Humanity is paying to see animal abused in front of massive crowds that include children, adults, and elderly of all ages. The community views animals as entertainment and feels that it is acceptable to have living things trapped in cages throughout most of their lives. Even though society believes zoos carry a positive effect to animals; however, they cause mammals to develop severe health problems, they change wildlife behavior, and they financially struggle.
Living creatures in captivity develop severe health issues due the fact that space becomes limited and natural habits cannot be mimicked to ensure maximum well-being. An example of this is when The Alaska Zoo was struggling to care for Maggie, a 4 ton elephant under the supervision of many. Because of the weather conditions Alaska contained, she would often camp inside a poor shelter with very little enclosure. Maggie’s treatment team distributed a treadmill that could
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