Negative Effects On Body Image

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1. Introduction
Advertisements and media images are of great importance in our day to day life. The effects of media images on body images has been an issue of significant value in numerus disciplines. In relation to the cause, researchers agreed that media are, even to some extent, responsible for body dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating habits among women. Media messages tend to conceptualize beauty in a detrimental and distorted manner. Young women are usually more affected by these potentially harmful messages for they are exposed to these at very young age, therefore, impacts of those messages persist all through their lives. In reality, nobody knows for sure what real beauty really is, enabling advertisers to form the unrealistic picture of an ideally beautiful women over the years. There are several opinions about what beauty really is, including the concept of ‘thin body ideal’ being shown in advertisements and which can cause unfavourable effects on those exposed to the images.

Many of the women are not satisfied with their own body image, which results into lower self-esteem. Advertisements and Media as a whole repeatedly portray images of thin and slender women. Previously, artists and actors were liked for their talents and skills, however,
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Johnson (2009) reports that we are exposed to 5,000 ads or more in one day, even though we can’t remember them all. This might seems as some astronomical number, but it holds truth the kind of consumer economy we have these days. Most of the ads focusing on women could be depicting messages related to health, exercise and beauty would apparently be favourable to women in terms of appropriate policies to take better care of oneself. Nevertheless, these messages can also impart a damaging message to women that women must look in a specific way, similar to the depicted “thin ideal” women which doesn’t portray the average body type of an average
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