Negative Effects On Marriage

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Marriage is a commitment that is intended to last a lifetime. When giving one’s vows at the altar and saying “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, for sickness and in health, until death do us part” should be a promise that does not break. Fifty percent of all marriages in the U.S end in divorce and this percentage gets higher the more times a person is married (McKinley Irvin Law). Marriage to some, is not looked at as lifetime commitment anymore. People see that if something is not working within the relationship, they give up and divorce when there are other ways to solve problems through therapy and communication. Divorce affects the familial structure drastically and can cause health issues, difficulties in communication, custody…show more content…
Communication allows the couple to know what is happening within the dynamic of the family and to also express any feelings that one may have. Although a lack of effective communication is one main reason that a marriage ends, divorce often ruins all ties of communication within the family. When married, couples depend on each other for certain aspects in life like finances or other everyday responsibilities. Without the other half there to communicate and help you pay the bills on time or get the kids to practice, this is when life can start to fall apart. Divorced people do not converse like they did when married, people tend to fight and bicker more therefore causes problems for the family unit. Fighting more during or after a divorce ultimately makes the issue broaden. Fighting around children in the household often leads to the children more facing problems. Children can start having trust issues. This could leave the child not knowing which parent to trust because they feel abandoned and often scared due to the constant disagreements. A study done by UCLA found that children who grow up in a home surrounded by conflict grew up to have emotional problems like depression and loneliness (Divecha). Divorce destroys all kinds of communication that is necessary to carry on a happy and loving marriage and…show more content…
The wife may be in charge of buying the groceries for the week and the husband may manage the bills. In a healthy family it is imperative to keep the family running efficiently and smoothly without problems. When divorce corrupts the family, all of these role that formerly were shared become placed on one person and they are left to fend for themselves. So that means that the husband also has to buy his groceries and the wife has to also pay the bills. This can be difficult and take a lot of familiarization. This is a complete change in one's lifestyle. Again, this can also cause more stress on a spouse. Now, one person has to work, pay bills, take care of the children — if applicable — , and any other job that is sprung upon them. Going from a working system of sharing different tasks and responsibilities with a spouse, to having to fend for yourself can be quite an eye opener and cause more stress than

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