Negative Effects On Population Growth

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I. Introduction
In relation to population growth, some countries in the world are experiencing a slowing down of growth because of low fertility. In the contemporary era, there has been a drop in death rates, which has led to individuals having less children in developed countries. This drop-in fertility has led to an older population that outnumbers the younger population. This imbalance has consequences on a developed countries infrastructure and culture. In this essay, I aim to demonstrate the argument I would deliver if I were asked to be on a T.V. talk show commenting on the issues in relation to how fertility slows down a countries population growth and its consequences. This will be accomplished, by highlighting the pros and cons and the solutions to how the issues of slower growth can be addressed.
II. Positive Effects of Lower Fertility When lower fertility slows down growth in developed countries such as the United States, there is less stress on the resources of that country and the environment. With a higher fertility a country, whether it’s developed or not developed will need to acquire more food for the new citizens. This is an issue because of scarcity, “none of the basic resources required to expand food output- land, water, energy, fertilizer- can be considered abundant today” (pg 6). In addition, there is a water shortage across the world and it would put a strain on this crucial resource that is necessary for human survival. Moreover, with a higher

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