Negative Effects On Society: The Toxins Of Technology

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The Toxins of Technology Technology has become a huge part of society today and, in a way, is starting to take over the world. It changes the way we view people, the way we do things in our daily lives, and how we deal with problems. Someone could easily say something bad about someone else on a social media site and everyone else would believe it, not even taking into consideration that it may not be true. Also, with how advanced technology has become, people have become lazier with how they do things. When given the opportunity to use any sort of technology to get something done as fast as possible, they do it.; losing the value and meaning of hard work. Often leaving people to procrastinate on what they need to get done as well or allowing them to ignore their problems. Everyone has problems to deal with and technology allows them to hide from the person they are having problems with. Another alternate route that technology allows when having issues with people is bashing the person you are mad at on social media, creating more chaos than necessary. People do not seem to understand that face-to-face communication is key in the world and take it for granted. Therefore, leaving technology and all the advancements to come, a negative effect on society overall by invading everyone’s privacy and causing negative mental and physical health issues. When people go on the internet to either browse around, buy things, or go on social media, they often do not think about the fact

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